A Christmas Tale


Back in September I ordered a single box from you because it was one I'd been waiting for you to do. It had a Tea theme.

It was sent to my brother's house. My brother sent it along in his Christmas box to me and so I came to open it on Christmas morning with my other gifts. Beautiful as always, I spent a little time going through the box as I was delighted with each set of cards and notes.

When I examined them closely I realized that one of the designs was of my Mom's wedding china. It is the set that came to me when she went on. I, as she, rarely use it. It's not fine, bone or any other delicate terms that you might know, but it was hers for 70 some odd years and a part of our table at Christmas and other assorted special occasions. 

With your delicate drawings on lovely paper, you brought my mom to me on Christmas morning. I thank you. It has become one of my happiest Christmas memories. Hoping you're out making happy holiday memories of your own!

Happiness to you and those you love in the New Year!

Gina Griffin